Where to find board drawing with measurements?


I’m wondering if there’s a drawing of the board somewhere with measurements for the board as well as placements of holes and their dimensions.

I noticed that @forksand created a case for the board. Do you have precise measurements in a handy format?


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Do you have precise measurements in a handy format?

I’ll see what I can get you. We did create a model of the board as well as a case, which may be helpful too:


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Hi. I have the same problem. I do need the physical measurement of the board, size, where ports are, holes etc. / Jan


We have the model already created, but we don’t have dimension drawings from them. The dev that made the model is going to create sheets for it in PDF that have the dimensions. Watch that repo above over the next few days and I’ll also update here.

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Great! Thanks Jeff!

The drawings aren’t ready yet. The dev is working on a Crowdsupply he’s starting soon.

I saw another way it can be done. If you pull these files into KiCAD you can use the measure tool. If you need it real-soon-now, that may be faster.


Of course just as I write that, the drawings are done!

See this PDF:


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