HiFive Unleashed in KiCAD

(Jeff Moe) #1

We have some of the initial files done for a port of the SiFive HiFive Unleashed board to KiCAD. The repo is here:

Right now it is named “ki5” (ala KiCAD + RISC-V) and we’ll rename the other files so it is clear which are the original upstream files and which are the KiCAD ported files. If someone from SiFive has any input on how they’d like to see this handled, it would be welcome.

It doesn’t have a license yet as we’ll likely use the same license as the upstream board, but I’m not 100% sure what that is, other than “permissive”. Probably BSD.

Happy hacking,


(Wesley W. Terpstra) #2

Bah. You used a version of kicad that is not in debian/stable. I then built 4.0.7 and it still complained ‘eeschema’ was too old.

(Jeff Moe) #3

Ya, it was built with 5.0rc2. You can still read the files in 4.0.7, even if eeschema complains about loading them. Version 4.0.7 is in Debian backports though, it doesn’t need to be built.

(Jeff Moe) #4

Btw, another round of work has been committed.

(Jeff Moe) #5

Kicad 5.0.0~rc2+dfsg1-3 is now in Debian Buster, fwiw.

(Jeff Moe) #6

FYI, we’re getting the HiFive components into KiCAD’s libraries:


(Jeff Moe) #7

We’ve finished all the components, footprints, 3d rendering, etc. “Just” the traces remain to be done…

(Jeff Moe) #8

Ah, I see the old github link is still there. This is the current git repo:



This is awesome!
Are you doing this ahead of time in anticipation for the Freedom Unleashed SoC or have you gotten your hands one them?

(Jeff Moe) #10

We haven’t gotten our hands on any chips. We are doing this to lay the foundation for that future. We also have underway a free software / open source hardware keyboard controller using a Lattice FPGA with the free Icestorm toolchain: