Unable to read PRCI registers

Using the FE310-G002 device (id 0x20000913) what, if any, preliminary steps must be done before reading from an address such as 0x10018000? It seems like the core hangs or faults when attempting to do so. However, reading from address such as 0x10012040 shows normal operation as expected.

This {does not} hang anymore (typo, was 0x10018, it happens :frowning: )

`lui a0, 0x10008`
`lw a1, 0(a0)`

This works:

`lui a0, 0x10012`
`lw a1, 64(a0)`

Code is loaded into and runs from ram:
MEMORY { ram : ORIGIN=0x80000000, LENGTH=0x4000 }
.text : { *(.text*) } > ram
.rodata : { *(.rodata*) } > ram
.bss : { *(.bss*) } > ram

sp is set at 0x800040000 at beginning of the program.

2020-02-28 pds problem resolved, typo above