Online course recommendation


I’m looing for an online course for a group of Firmware engineers that currently develop on
ARM Cortex M4 and going to start new project with Si-Five CPU based on RISC-V.
What it the best online course for RISC-V architecture?


This video is a good one to start with

If you’re already experienced assembly language programmers on ARM Thumb2 then there’s very little conceptual difference with RISC-V RV32IMAC (like M4) or RV32IMAFC (like M4F). RISC-V has 32 registers instead of 16. Thumb2 uses IT* for predicating short sequences while RISC-V cores such as E31 rely on good modern branch prediction.

For the rest I suppose you should simply be diving directly into the reference material for the details of the instructions available: