I'm New to RISC-V

(Peter) #1

Hi guys, I’m new here. I’ve been programming microcontrollers in assembler of various types over the years and now want to start programming RISC-V microcontrollers.
Can someone let me know what is the fastest RISC-V micro controller in LQFP package available today.
I’ve only found the GIGADEVICE GD32V103VBU6 microcontroller which runs at 108Mhz, 128k Flash memory, 32k Sram in a 100pin LQFP package.
Thats great but I’m looking for something RISC-V, at least 300Mhz, 2MB FLASH Memory, SRAM, 16bit or 32bit I/O Ports and any peripherals that come with it. Eg. SPI, RTC, etc. I know this may not be available but there’s no harm in asking.
Anyway please let me know if you guys know of any.
Thanks guys,
Pete :slight_smile:

(Jim Wilson) #2

You can find a list of ASICs at
Turn off cores and soc platforms to see just the socs (aka ASICs). I don’t know the stats for the non-SiFive parts. For the SiFive parts, we are currently only producing the HiFive1 RevB
the page says it can run as fast as 320MHz.

(Peter) #3

Hi Jim, thank you for the info. The PIC32MZ have the RISC CPU running at 252Mhz with 2MB Flash memory but the one you mentioned at 320Mhz is more appealing.
Thanks Jim