SiFive E2 Series Cores in ESP32-C3!

This looks pretty exciting.

CPU ESP32-C3 series is equipped with a low-power RISC-V 32-bit single-core processor with the following characteristics: • Four-stage pipeline architecture, supporting a clock frequency of 160MHz • RV32IMC ISA • Supporting 32-bit multipliers and 32-bit dividers • Supports up to 32 vectored interrupts with a total of 7 priority levels • Supports up to 8 hardware breakpoints/watch points • Supports up to 16 PMP areas • JTAG interface for debugging

Seems like 400 KB RAM, which is pretty handy for microcontroller kinds of things.

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Can’t wait to get my hands on one. Bouffalo Labs also is standardizing with SiFive chips with BL70x and BL602.

Given it has an FPU, it must be the E24 core.

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Confusing that some articles mention RV32IMC and some mention FPU capabilities which would presumably mean RV32IMCF?

Different chips have different cores. The Bouffalo chips (BL*) apparently have FPU, but the Espressif chips (ESP32-C*) apparently don’t.