How about the DSP ability of E31?



I just find the comparison between E31 and M3/M4 on the web pages. But how about the DSP ability of E31 core? You know M4 has enabled a DSP instruction set, so is there anything likewise in E31 core? If not, is E31 able to act as base band processor in IoT communication ICs?


(Drew) #2

Hi Chris,

The E31 implements the RV32IMAC instruction set. Details on the RISC-V instruction set can be found here:

The best way to determine if the E31 Coreplex is suitable for your application is download our evaluation RTL or FPGA images and test the performance of your algorithms. Performance is certainly an important aspect, but you should also consider core area and power.

Of course we feel that we are very competitive in all 3 areas :slight_smile:

(Bruce Hoult) #3

The RV32IMAC instruction set does not include any DSP features such as saturation arithmetic or packed-SIMD.

I believe some other RISC-V cores under development do have. If you look in the ISA manual you’ll find that the “P” standard extension is reserved for future definition.