Evaluation using Arty A7-100T

(Hunter Ware) #1

Is there a bitstream for the 100T? I purchased a 100T without realizing that the existing bitstream for the 35T would not work on it. Is there a straight-forward path to evaluate an E31 on this platform?

Thank you,

(Wesley W. Terpstra) #2

As yet, there is not. However, luckily for you, we intend to move to using the 100T in the near future and someone is already working on porting the freedom repository to the 100T. Unfortunately, I can’t give you a good estimate on when that will be complete, as it’s not a high priority item, yet.

(Hunter Ware) #3

Wonderful! Obviously no promises but is this something that might be seen this week?

(Wesley W. Terpstra) #4

No. Definitely not in a week. Are you interested in emulating the E or U series designs?

(Hunter Ware) #5

Yes, looking to gain a better understanding of the required mem size and architecture, as well as processor speed for a small deeply embedded control application. I’d like to run some pseudo-code with the same flow and see size/speed/etc. A small E series looks like a good fit.

(Richard Xia) #6

Actually, all of our Standard Core IP evaluations were refreshed last month with Arty A7-100T bitstreams included as well. Note that these evaluations are only available on our new site, scs.sifive.com, and not the soon-to-be-deprecated dev.sifive.com. You can access the new standard core evaluations by clicking on the “Get” links on https://scs.sifive.com/core-designer/.

(Wesley W. Terpstra) #7

Right. I thought he was asking about the freedom/ repository.