Is Risc-V CPUs made to be a replacement to Intel/AMD 64bit CPUs?

I am curious to know is this architecture capable of being as fast as Intel/AMD 64bit CPUs?

Of course! It’s just a matter of someone seeing a market that needs that performance and that will provide the large amount of money needed to engineer a CPU core with the complexity and performance of like modern Zen 2 or *Lake cores.

RISC-V is in essentially the same position as Aarch64 in this regard. Apple has the established market and the funds to engineer a fast ARM core and the results of that have been showing for several years already. It will become even more obvious once they release Macs with ARM cores that don’t have to fit inside phone energy budgets.

Do you know any company that is already trying to achieve this?

I don’t know of any announced.

Both the SiFive 8-series (e.g. U84) and Alibaba Xuantie-910 claim to have performance around ARM A72 or A73 level (i.e. announced four or five years ago but just now becoming available in cheap boards such as Raspberry Pi 4) and should I think also be comparable to Intel Core 2 of 15 years ago.

That’s both pretty impressive (I think) for new design teams, and also a very useful and usable level of performance.

Ah I see, thanks anyways :slight_smile: