Socketed CPU for next batch?

Another thing, (gee, sounds like I whine a lot :-), could the next batch have socketed CPU chips?
How much would that add to the cost?

This would allow further changes to the CPU, (include newer extensions like the Vector instructions), with just a CPU upgrade to the base board.

If done, their should be provisions for extra pins. For example, later boards might have more PCIe lanes. Or allow ECC memory. In essence what would be happening is establishing a standard RISC-V CPU socket. De-couple the CPU from the board, allowing both to grow and change specific to a user’s want & need… Similar to what Intel and AMD do.

That sounds like a fine thing for a 3rd party manufacturer to do.

That’s if the FU-740 goes into volume production and finds its way onto Mouser once the bugs are ironed out and production exceeds the demand for the Unmatched.

SiFive can’t and shouldn’t try to do everything itself. Making these chips and boards itself is already a step further than ARM ever goes, especially at this price. ARM does have the “Juno” A72 + A53 + Mali dev board which goes for $10,000. (I think they must have a board with A75 + A55 now, but I don’t follow that. I’m sure it won’t be cheaper)

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