Freedom Studio Examples missing


I have downloaded Version of Freedom Studio from the website, and the SiFive Freedom Studio Manual (v2p0).

In the “Getting Started” section, Section 4.1.1 tells me that I should be able to import bundled examples to the Workspace (from the directory location FreedomStudio/SiFive/Examples). However, there is no “Examples” folder in this Freedom Studio download.

There are some generic examples in the “freedom-e-sdk” folder, but these are generic sources, with no board specific makefiles. I am interested in building for a Xilinx Artix-7 35T dev board.

I would really like to be able to import a pre-configured project for the board, build it and be able to flash it to my dev board in an easy way.

Edit: I am working on a Windows 10 environment

(Jim Wilson) #2

You might have the wrong docs. The docs distributed with the release are correct, but there was an out-of-date link on our web site that was just fixed yesterday. See