Freedom Studio Beta 2

Hello everyone, after a lot of hard work I am proud to announce the availability of Freedom Studio Beta 2, this time with real Windows support!

What’s Changed

  • Moved to the latest versions of Eclipse and CDT
  • New build plugin based on Unfortunately this means that projects created with the original beta will not work on Beta 2. If this affects you, it is suggested that you create a new project and move your source files into the new project
  • JRE is now bundled with Freedom Studio and no longer requires a separate install.
  • Windows Support and drivers. Please install the drivers for your platform in the FreedomStudio/SiFive/Misc directory.
  • Updated toolchain and openOCD binaries based off of the 20170612 tagged releases of riscv-gnu-toolchain and openOCD.
  • Updated manuals and examples

The updated Toolchain and openOCD binaries are also made available as standalone just as before.

You can find Freedom Studio Beta 2 at

As always, please let us know if you have questions or comments.

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Hi Drew,

I am having problems trying to get Freedom Studio Beta 2 to run under Windows 7. The installation went smoothly, and I can compile the examples in both the FreedomStudion/SiFive/Examples/ and …/ files without errors. However, in both cases, I do get the following warnings:

Description Resource Path Location Type
Invalid project path: Include path not found (C:\Users\bsp\drivers). led_fade pathentry Path Entry Problem
Invalid project path: Include path not found (C:\Users\bsp\env). led_fade pathentry Path Entry Problem
Invalid project path: Include path not found (C:\Users\bsp\env\freedom-e300-hifive1). led_fade pathentry Path Entry Problem
Invalid project path: Include path not found (C:\Users\bsp\include). led_fade pathentry Path Entry Problem

and when I try to run the program, in each case (both with HiFive1 and with Arty) I get the following errors:

I haven´t been able to find where the C:\Users\bsp… path is coming from, nor whether or not that is indeed the cause of the launch failure.

Can you give me some pointers?

Thanks and regards

Hi Donnie,

It looks like you are trying to start the wrong debug configuration. The examples include debug launch configuration which you can find by clicking Run – Debug Configurations – GDB OpenOCD Debugging.

Launching one of these configurations should get you up and debugging.

The Paths warnings are an artifact of how the examples were created. We first create them in Freedom-E-SDK which has a different relative path structure to the eclipse projects vs when I export them as zip files which resolves all of the linked sources.

I include both paths in the project so that I can export the examples without having to go back and fix include paths. These warnings can be safely ignored, or you can remove these paths from the project’s list of Include folders (Project – Properties – C/C++ Build – Settings).

I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have anymore questions.

Thanks, Drew. That works. After reading on to the section which followed (the Freedeom-E-SDK examples) I now see that as being specified. I just didn’t make the connection.:blush:

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With the Arty, things seem to work, but when I use the HiFive1, I am having the same problem reported here:

It looks to me as if the path variables shown in the Linked Resources are wrong, but I cannot edit them:

I can edit the individual Linked Resources to point to the correct path, which then works …

… but that must not be the right answer. Can you help?

Hi Donnie,

Are you using the bundled zip examples or importing the projects from Freedom-E-SDK? I was unable to replicate this issue.

Remember, for the Freedom-E-SDK examples you DO NOT want to copy the projects into the workspace. For the zip examples you DO want to copy the projects into the workspace. Meaning for the zip examples there should not be any linked resources.

Hi Drew,

The bundled zip examples work ok. Just to be sure, I perfomed a fresh download of the Freedom-E-sdk from git and imported the HiFive1 examples using a new workspace. I did make sure that the checkbox for copying the projects into the workspace was not set. Now, when trying to build, I get the following errors:

Looking into the paths, I see that the \bsp directory is under …\demo_gpio\Debug\ and not …\demo_gpio.

Hi Donnie, based on the screenshot it looks like you haven’t built the wrap project. The wrap project has to be built first as the other projects depend on it’s library.

In the zip examples, we pre-build the lib and bundle it in the projects.

Hi Drew,

After building the wrap project, all is working fine. Maybe the wrap project should be named “build_me_first” :wink:

Many thanks

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Hi Drewat,

I want to debug by freedom studio but met some errors, please help me!

Besides,I used the command of “make upload PROGRAM= BOARD=freedom-e300-arty” on freedom-e-sdk also have some error, please tell me the why, thanks very much!

It looks very much like this, which was caused by a wiring error between the Olimex debugger and the Arty.

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Donnie has the right idea, please check your JTAG wiring to make sure it is correct.

For Freedom Studio it is better to use the a bundled example as a starting point as they include all of the initialization code for the platform. They also include example debug configurations.

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Thanks Donnie

Thanks Drewat,

Let me check!