Developing on Freedom E300 ARTY FPGA Devkit

I have a Freedom E300 ARTY FPGA Devkit. I am able to generate my own bitstream and run the examples from Freedom E SDK.

Few questions.

Right now, I am modifying the Chisel implementation of the core (Rocket Chip generator). For example, I am editing the Scala files in rocket-chip/src/main/scala/rocket/ (

When I regenerate the Verilog files,
make -f Makefile.e300artydevkit clean verilog
it generates a single 23MB file: builds/e300artydevkit/sifive.freedom.everywhere.e300artydevkit.E300ArtyDevKitConfig.v.

Q1. Is it possible to generate multiple Verilog files, e.g. one for the ALU, one for the decode stage, etc.? The suggested to use the --split-modules flag for the FIRTTL invocation, but it did not work.

Q2. Can I attach an ILA in Vivado to monitor the core on the FPGA?

Q3. Can I co-simulate software / modified hardware (no FPGA)? [Edit: I assume I can do:]