DDR Memory is cacheable?

I develop for HiFive Unleashed board.

I have small question.

U54-MC-RVCoreIP.pdf Table 6.1
0x8000_0000 0xFFFF_FFFF RWXC Memory Port (cacheable?)

FU540-C000-v1.0.pdf Table 6
0x8000_0000 0x1F_FFFF_FFFF RWX A DDR Memory (none-cacheable?)

which one is correct?

The second. Although you don’t have this much DRAM attached.

HiFive Unleashed board have 8GB DDR4 on-board-memory.
Where is it mapped?

As above, starting at 0x8000_0000.

FYI the Hifive1 also has its 16 KB of SRAM mapped at 0x8000_000.

As conclusion,
Is on-board 8GB DDR4 memory non-cacheable?

I believe @terpstra was referring to the address range question and may have overlooked the parenthesised query about cacheability.

DRAM is cacheable. The cache wouldn’t get a lot of use otherwise :slight_smile:

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Thank you for all.