Current E31 eval sdk not working on arty-a7-100t

I attempted to build and run the new 20G1.04.00 build on one of our arty boards and it fails to produce any output.

I retried with v19.08p4p0 and everything was working fine, producing the expected tty output.

Something seems off with the new version… The light pattern that’s produced by uploading the image is different and the lights change when a program is first run but not thereafter. If I had to guess, it seems like the RTL in the newer design-arty.bit is pinned out incorrectly or something?

Hi Patrick,

You are correct, there is an issue with the LED I/O mapping and the problem is under investigation. The terminal output, buttons and switches should be operational though.

As you are a supported customer, please continue our dialogue through our support portal using the case that we have created.

Thank You,