Booting U500/VC707 Evaluation Kit through OpenOCD

Hello there,

I’m trying to boot the VC707 Eval Kit through the JTAG interface (of the Xilinx FMC Debug Card) and a ARM-USB-TINY-H JTAG adapter.

I’m not using the PCIe connector to connect additional periphery, therefore I built the freedom repository with the following command

$ make BOARD=VC707BaseShell BOOTROM_DIR=$(realpath bootrom/xip) -f Makefile.vc7070u500devkit mcs

This memory file programs just fine, but I’m stuck loading any software to the FPGA through the mentioned JTAG interface.

For the E300 Dev Kit this is relatively straight forward when using the freedom-e-sdk.
It provides linker scripts and an openocd configuration used for loading the compiled elf.
Are there similar openocd configurations and linker scripts for the VC707 Eval Kit?
Is xip-boot + VC707 even a supported configuration (I couldn’t find any mention of this) or is this Eval Kit limited to Linux booting?

– malte