Boot LInux in the vcu118

I’m going to implemt u500 platform in the vcu118
First I commet the FMC in the VCU118NewShell.scala
// val fmc = Overlay(PCIeOverlayKey) (new PCIeVCU118FMCOverlay (_, _, ))
// val edge = Overlay(PCIeOverlayKey) (new PCIeVCU118EdgeOverlay (
, _, _))
then,I use the comand to generate the mcs and pre files
$ make -f Makefile.vcu118-u500devkit mcs
and I use the freedom-u-sdk to generate the bbl.bin,and use dd move it to a microsd card,using pmod0 to connect to the vcu118
but when i power on the board,and use uart to connect the board and master computer,i get the information as follow and stacked.