What's the difference among freedom-e300-arty, freedom-e310-arty and FE310-G000


I’d like to figure out whether FE310’s datasheet and manual are compitable for freedom-e310-arty., like memery map and so on. Besides, it’s possible to run programs for freedom-e300-arty on freedom-e310-arty?

(Jim Wilson) #2

Part of the memory map is processor specific, and part is board specific. There are differences between the ASIC FE310 and the FPGA freedom-310-arty. There are also differences between the freedom-e300-arty and freedom-e310-arty, as these are difference configurations of the e3 series core. In theory, it would be possible to produce code that works on multiple targets if you limit yourself to the common subset of the designs, but that isn’t something we support. It is simpler to just recompile for each target.

You could try comparing the dts files in freedom-e-sdk/bsp/$target to see the differences.


OK, I got it. Thanks a lot