View Machine registers in Freedom studio


I’m using Freedom studio V 4_18.

I wish to view machine registers while debugging. But I couldnt find a way for that.

I tried by adding register list as per user manual. Need help on this.

Thank You

Hi Sreeju,

Which machine registers are you interested in? If you launch a debug session, there is a default list of CSRs within the Register window. If it is not open by default, go to Window → Show View → Registers. After you launch a debug session you should see a list of important CSRs underneath the normal user registers.

Also please confirm which debug hardware you are using, as well as your target board.


Hi DConn,

We wish to view the CSRs like
mstatus, misa, mie, mtvec, mscratch, mepc, mcause, mtval, mip, mvendorid, marchid, mimpid, mhartid, tselect, tdata1, tdata2, tdata3, dcsr, dpc, dscratch.

The default list shows only the General purpose registers.

zero,ra,sp,gp,tp,t0-t6 etc are being displayed in GUI.

Thank You

Hi DConn,

  We are running program on our own RISCV64 processor and it now being tested on FPGA board. The debug hardware is Segger JLink interface.

Thank You

Please click the link here… [Can't access CSRs on HiFive1 rev B from Freedom Studio (via J-Link OB)]

Have Segger added support for CSRs?

Hi - just making sure - you are using your own core, and not a SiFive core? It looks like Segger does support CSR list for RV32 on our SiFive cores using Freedom Studio but not for RV64. You may need to get in touch with them to inquire about support.