Can't access CSRs on HiFive1 rev B from Freedom Studio (via J-Link OB)

(Scott McCoy) #1

Hi All,

I am having trouble finding a way to access my HiFive1 rev B (FE310) CSRs with Freedom Studio. I have tried at all levels of the debug stack/tools I could find:

  1. Eclipse: debug perspective(J-LINK): register view (after adding CSR names to register file.)
  2. gdb (monitor regs) -> JLinkGDBServerCLExe
  3. J-Link Commander (regs) (“connect” includes status line “CSR access via abs. commands: No”)
  4. J-Link Commander (before “connect”) direct JTAG scan operations (appear broken for RISC-V.)

Is this not currently supported through the included J-Link OB probe firmware. (I could read them with Segger’s Embedded Studio debugger but I have no interest in using their tools.)

Thanks, Scott.

(Kevin Mills) #2

This is true. We have filed a request with Segger to support accessing these registers.

(Scott McCoy) #3

Excellent. Thanks for the help. (I would love to see JTAG scan level control functional as well.)
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