Can't access CSRs on HiFive1 rev B from Freedom Studio (via J-Link OB)

Hi All,

I am having trouble finding a way to access my HiFive1 rev B (FE310) CSRs with Freedom Studio. I have tried at all levels of the debug stack/tools I could find:

  1. Eclipse: debug perspective(J-LINK): register view (after adding CSR names to register file.)
  2. gdb (monitor regs) -> JLinkGDBServerCLExe
  3. J-Link Commander (regs) (“connect” includes status line “CSR access via abs. commands: No”)
  4. J-Link Commander (before “connect”) direct JTAG scan operations (appear broken for RISC-V.)

Is this not currently supported through the included J-Link OB probe firmware. (I could read them with Segger’s Embedded Studio debugger but I have no interest in using their tools.)

Thanks, Scott.

This is true. We have filed a request with Segger to support accessing these registers.

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Excellent. Thanks for the help. (I would love to see JTAG scan level control functional as well.)
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I wonder if my inability to access the CSRs on HiFive Rev B (see here Beginner trying to set up timer IRQ in assembler: how to print CSRs in GDB? ) is also due to this issue.

Thanks, I was here to raise this question. Thanks for the support.

Have they added the support for accessing the CSRs ??

If you are using the latest version of Freedom Studio (2021-04-1 as of this writing) and you have a HiFive1 revB board, then you should see a CSR list, something like this: