Problem with FreedomStudio

Hi all,
I Configured the FreedomStudio,but I can’t debug.

what error do you get?

The error is at the bottom of the picture. You have to open it and scroll down to see it. The basic problem is the debugger backend says no registers.

@Mzy can you show the contents of the “Console” window instead of the “Problems” window? Perhaps there is a more useful error message there. “No registers” is just a symptom that something went wrong in the connection to the target.

ah, the generic Hello World project is intended only to demonstrate a successful build, but it cannot run, it does not include the proper startup code, specific for a given device/board.

to generate functional project please use the new SiFive project template, available in the latest GNU MCU Eclipse release.

Please import the example projects which are pre-configured for SiFive platforms. Instructions how to do so are in the manual linked below: