Unable to view CSRs

We are getting the following message while trying to debug via Segger J-Link device.

The following register(s) do not exist and are ignored:

design.reglist: mstatus
design.reglist: misa
design.reglist: mie
design.reglist: mtvec
design.reglist: mscratch
design.reglist: mepc
design.reglist: mcause
design.reglist: mtval
design.reglist: mip
design.reglist: mvendorid
design.reglist: marchid
design.reglist: mimpid
design.reglist: mhartid
design.reglist: tselect
design.reglist: tdata1
design.reglist: tdata2
design.reglist: tdata3
design.reglist: dcsr
design.reglist: dpc
design.reglist: dscratch
design.reglist: priv

Why is it so? We have updated our debugger with latest firmware.

Sreeju G R