Use apt-get in hifive unleashed board

I want to use apt-get in hifive unleashed board.
I built the freedom-u-sdk on the board, but there isn’t apt-get command.
Should i port another os like debian or fedora on the board to use apt-get???
Or, should i updrade kernel version?? Now my kernel version is 4.15 .
Sorry for basic question for all. I’m just a beginner of embedded system
Thank you

freedom-u-sdk is a build your own OS from scratch. There is no server that apt can connect to unless you set one up yourself.

If you want to be able to install packages, then you need a desktop OS like debian, fedora, or opensuse. Here is some info for debian
and fedora

Personally, I think fedora is easier to get started with than debian, but both are usable.

I don’t know if opensuse has system images available. But they are building packages.

Thank you for your answer. How about openembedded in latest freedom-u-sdk version??

Is it suitable for real work?

Thank you

Yes, you can do real work with openembedded.

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