Unmatched series HFxxx-ASSY-3A0 boot query

Hi, Just got my Unmatched board, using the provided micro SD card all I see on boot on the serial console is ���������������x�

I’m using minicom set to 115200 8N1. default factory supplied dip switch settings are:
MSEL0 - off
MSEL1 - off
MSEL2 - on
MSEL3 - off

any ideas?

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OK, seems like the provided flash drive was an empty formatted drive. Where can I get a “getting started” boot image?

The Freedom U740-C000 Manual describes the boot process in detail in chapter 6. It seems you need a GPT partition table with some partitions with specific GUIDS. I don’t know where to get the specific software you’ll have to put on these partitions.

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Boards haven’t started shipping yet. Some partners are getting early access boards, with the expectation that they will contact us privately for support.

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