Unmatched in a NE200P

… some notes. The case came with USB3 header-to-A style cables that lead up to the power switch. I pulled that little board (everything can be disassembled) and desoldered the two A connectors — just so I could have fewer cables and I’m sure I can use that elsewhere (I have two USB3 headers on my workstation motherboard, for instance).

NB: that-is-note-well: Small Form Factor Power Supply. I chose the Corsair Platinum 450 — it was on sale. The gold would probably be a better buy otherwise. It’s to teeny, it’s cute.

Oodles of space in this rig. It’s obviously set to have a full size video card — but I thought the riser would be silly with the HD 6450 I tossed in there.

Also… no HD activity light on the case. No big whoop.

… I did post on here when this case was going for $45. Now it’s not so sweet.

Oh-and I attached the to top exit fans to the two fan headers. The previously unused chipset fan header starts about 5 seconds before the “case fan” header. Go figure. I’m kinda hoping someone will get the PWM stuff on the board somewhere into shape for controlling the fans. With this kind of power usage, there’s no reason we can’t spin low and slow.

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