Rock-Paper-Shotgun gave me an idea

A little off-the-wall, but reading Rock-Paper-Shotgun today gave me an idea. The Seasonic FOCUS GM-550 Small-form-factor power supply is 70% off at newegg. Combine that with the (somewhat expensive, but definitely cool) NR200P case that is (not noticed by RPS) also ~35% off and it’s a nice little combo for the unmatched. I don’t suspect this is going on long.

Now… if I could only find a nice and also cheap video card for the project…

That’s nice hardware indeed.
These are not the right days to think about “cheap video cards” :slight_smile: . They are hardly available at all, and when they are available they come with high price tags. That’s the reason why my Unmatched is still running without a GPU :roll_eyes:.

… well… I do see the likes of AMD HD 6850’s on sale in the $30 to $50 range. This is what I largely meant. Yeah too much more than that and you’re in crazy town. There’s also lots of nVidia 710’s for sale, but I gather we have much less of a chance to get those working.