Status of SiFive FreeRTOS-metal Port


I am inquiring about the status of SiFive’s FreeRTOS-metal port. I am a bit concerned about the reliability of this port due to its seeming lack of support from the owners of its repository. For example, there’s been an open issue since April 7, 2021 regarding context switching due to an external interrupt. This seems to be a critical defect for any RTOS, so it’s disappointing to not see the fix get applied to SiFive’s FreeRTOS-metal port. So, is the FreeRTOS-metal port considered stable and up-to-date? Similarly, Is the port still under active development? And does SiFive plan on supporting/maintaining this port in the future?

Additionally, FreeRTOS seems to have published quite a few updates to their RISC-V port since the last time FreeROTS-metal was updated. Does SiFive plan to pick up these updates and include them in their FreeRTOS-metal port?

Has anyone else had issues with this port? Am I better off using FreeRTOS’s RISC-V port instead of SiFive’s?

Any input would be appreciated.