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Dear we are a startup company working on accelerators. We are developing some accelerators (AI, Image, Fixed, …). Is it possible for us to have IP of RISCV processors to add our accelerators to it and get results?

You might want to talk to sales. Our IP requires a license. Most of our cores are available for trial use in obfuscated form which may or may not be useful to you.

There are free implementations available, some of which work with verilog/whatever simulators, and/or can be written to FPGAs. You can find a list here
The freedom core is our free core, and rocket is the original UC Berkeley core that we continue to maintain.

Appreciate a lot for your reply and hope you are doing well.

We really would like to explain our self you and your kind company. We are not looking for RISCV core.
We are a recently established startup company (AXELERAware LLC), working on CGRA accelerators for embedded processors. The main goal of our company is to design a CGRA based accelerator which be very compact and low power, proper for embedded, IOT and low power SOC (mobile) applications. Our CGRA accelerator have fixed point and floating point version.
We have already developed a RISC-V processor to add our CGRA accelerator to it and analyzed the results in initial steps but our CGRA accelerators is general and could be adapted to any processor pipeline. We believe using our accelerators solutions and designs in products such as your micro-controllers could effectively improve the performance without any sensible increase in chip area and power consumption.
It is appreciated a lot to let us know if SIFIVE company would like to cooperate with our company in this area.
Thank you in advance for your valuable time and attention.


Thank you for you reply.

But we do not want to buy a RISCV core. We already have a version of RISCV. We want to cooperate with your kind company.

I forwarded your message to sales. Someone should contact you. If you want to add your accelerator into our library of 3rd party modules for Chip Designer, then you still need to talk to sales, even if you don’t want to license one of our cores.

You can integrate into https://github.com/sifive/freedom/ any way you like with no license fee.

Hi Jim

We have received an email from Soheila in Dec 2019. But after that Soheila dos not response us. May you ask Soheila to answer our email.

Thank you for your attention,
Alex Davudof,

Do I understand correctly that the U540, for example, contains proprietary IP and is not a fully open source core?

We are hoping to use U54 or U74 in a project that requires strict end to end open source without any proprietary IP.

Thank you!

This doesn’t appear related to the earlier messages in this thread. Please start new threads for new questions.

Everything in FU540 is free that we could make free, but some of the analog bits we had to license, like the pads and the DRAM controller. If you want an ASIC at the end, it will be hard to avoid proprietary IP. If you just want an FPGA, then you can have all open source, but of course that is cheating slightly as the FPGA itself and the FPGA tools are unlikely to be open source. People are working on solutions to that problem, but I don’t think the solutions are quite there yet. Anyways, the freedom repo mentioned above is all of the open source stuff used in the fu540, and can be used to build fpga images.

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I’ll start a new thread, introduce our project and ask a bunch of questions.

Thank you for your reply!