Relative CPU performance?

Since Raptor’s Blackbirds have been backordered for months, and with POWER10 on the horizon, I’m looking for another way to scratch my exotic-architectures-for-under-€2000 itch, and the Unmatched looks like a viable option for that. What I haven’t found anywhere is: how does this board stack up in terms of CPU performance relative to other common SoC platforms presently available-- somewhere in the neighborhood of a Raspberry Pi 4, perhaps?

This is purely my guess from the uarch and specs. I won’t have physical access to a board until mine ships…

Running at 1.5 GHz the CPU should be a bit better than Raspberry Pi 3/3+ (and half as fast as a Pi 4) and something similar to a maybe 1 GHz Pentium 3 or PPC G4 from around 2000.
However the DDR4 RAM and the ability to use very fast and up to date M.2 SSD and high end GPU such as the RX580 SiFive have been demonstrating it with should mean the overall experience for interactive use is far better than those systems.

I’d guess for things such as web browsing, editing code, word processing and spreadsheets etc the overall experience would probably be similar to somewhere in the Core 2 Duo range (original MacBook Air, for example) – better for some things, worse for others.

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Thanks, that’s illustrative. So probably not a full-blown x86 desktop replacement yet, but at least as fun a toy as my R16k Fuel. Good enough!

To be honest, I think 90% of the non-gaming public would be perfectly happy with a 1 GHz Pentium 3 expanded to 64 bit, with modern RAM and SSD and GPU.