Question about u500's jtag soft debug interface and size of linux.bin

Hello All,
I am studying the u500 and e300 freedom platform.
I noticed that, while e310 require Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H Debugger, the u500’s required hardware list not have this device.
And in u500’s vc707 geting started document:
2.2 Setup PCIe Root FMC card
Jumper TDI Pin JP4 to TDO JP3 with a jumper block or wire as shown in Figure 2.2. This ensures correct JTAG connectivity across the FMC module.

Is the u500 platform have a jtag debug interface connected to debug host pc? why Jumper TDI Pin JP4 to TDO JP3 derectly?

when I enter freedom-u-sdk and make llinux in default config, the result bin file’s size only about 7MB. Is it normal?