Question about the port for Zephyr

Hi Folks,

I have a question while thinking about buying this board to test my ethernet device driver and some application.
Does HiFive Unmatched board has a port for Zephyr RTOS?
I’m trying to simulate it on Renode but wasn’t able to find a proper device driver/bindings, …
Any comments are all welcome.
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SiFive did a Zephyr port for the low end HiFive1 boards, but I’m not aware of any SiFive Zephyr work for the linux capable boards. Looking at the Zephyr web site, there is an entry for the Unmatched board
but it requires openocd and gdb remote over JTAG to connect to the board, and doesn’t list any device info, so it looks like a barebones port that can boot and run programs but doesn’t have much if any devices available.

Also, the RISC-V info page doesn’t say much either.
So it looks like there isn’t much RISC-V support in general yet.