Power supply for HiFive1 board

I just received the HiFive 1 and being impatient to try a couple of experiments. I am wondering which power supply should I use. The manual says:

FE310-G000 requires two dedicated power rails providing 1.8 V power to the always-on block andcore logic, and 3.3 V to the I/O pads.

But I am pretty unsure on what should I actually use.

Thank you.

That document is specifying the requirements for the SoC at the heart of the HiFive1 board. For the board all you need is 5v applied to the micro-USB port. You can power it standalone by using something like a phone charger, or when you plug it into your computer to program that USB connection will supply the requisite power.

You can also power it via the barrel connector for driving higher current loads but USB power is more ubiquitous.

Dave, I eventually found the right manual:

External Power Supply
While the USB A to Micro-B cable is necessary for programming and communicating with the
HiFive1, the board can run off of an external 7-12V DC supply as well, or a USB power supply or
battery pack

Thank you for your concerns!

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