HiFive1 Power Supply Recommendation


I got my HiFive1 board. However, it does not ship with a power supply and that is the reason why I wanted to ask the community what power supply works well with the HiFive1?

Any PC USB port or $2 USB phone charger.

Also, any “wall wart” which provides anywhere from 7 to 12 VDC matching the external power jack - see the getting started guide.

I always worry with those barrel connectors whether the thing has reverse-polarity protection! So easy to get it wrong.

In case someone is also wondering: I just had a look at the schematics (in order to debug my USB power supply problem) and found that the power jack (J7, upper left corner of page 2 “Power Supply”) has ground on the outside connector and voltage (+, 7-12V) on the centre pin.