External Power Supply - Rev B board

Hello. I know I can power the Rev B board with USB.
What I would like to know is:

  1. What are the inner/outer diameters of the barrel connector for J7?
  2. Is it possible to connect both J7 and USB at the same time?

The existing information, 7-12V center positive, is not enough to order a power supply. The barrel diameter is also needed.

You can find the BIll of Materials (BOM) on our web site.

item 20 of the BOM says
1 CUI Inc PJ-102AH Power Barrel Connector Jack 2.00mm ID
(0.079"), 5.50mm OD (0.217") Through Hole,
Right Angle
When I tried looking up the part at cui inc it redirected me to cui devices giving me this
which curiously contradicts the BOM because the BOM says 5.5mm outer diameter and this link says 6.5mm outer diameter

Disclaimer, I’m not a hardware guy, and I don’t have a HiFive Rev B board. I’m just following links on our web site.

To be fair, I did look for the BOM. It’s not in an easy to find location, if it exists.

Can anyone answer the 2nd question?
Can the external power and the USB be connected at the same time?

Visit sifive.com, choose Products then Boards and Software. Click the HiFive1 Rev B “learn more” button. Scroll down to see the BOM.