Possible to add QSPI SRAM?

Hi, reading the FE310-G000 Manual V2P3 it’s not clear if it might be possible to add more program SRAM via QSPI1, which has 3 CS and two DQ lines. I don’t see in the memory map where E310 could access off-chip SRAM.

QSPI1 cannot share the 4 DQ of QSPI0? Sorry, I have done numerous single-data-line SPI hardware and firmware designs but QSPI is new to me.


Only QSPI0 supports memory-mapped reads of the SPI flash. The second SPI flash chip could be connected to the SPI1 controller if it is used for just data, but the flash commands would have to be sequenced in software using the FIFO-based controller interface, and it is constrained to serial and dual modes.

Unfortunately not, as there is only on CS pin for QSPI0. Even without this limitation, the two flash devices hypothetically sharing DQ lines cannot be accessed simultaneously.