Does “Freedom U500 Arty FPGA Dev Kit” support OpenCL?

I need a board with following features, idk if u have it or not, just my 2 cents (mabye) for your next board.
-PCI/e and/or Gig Ethernet interface
-FPGA with OpenCL support and IO
-RISC-V processor with a small linux kernel.
-open source

I appreciate your work btw,

Hey, are you planning on doing OpenCL using RISC-V instructions or by modifying the FPGA bit file?

If you want to convert OpenCL to RISC-V or hwacha, then this is possible. You should contact Colin Schmidt, at UC Berkley. I don’t know how this works.

OTOH, if you wanted to include OpenCL coprocessor, for the time being, we only intend on releasing presynthesized and pretested bitfiles for the FPGA development boards. The first boards were mostly intended to support software developers. In the future, if you need to integrate custom IP, you should get in contact with SiFive.

On OpenCL, POCL ( has also been ported to RISC-V using the RISC-V LLVM compiler and has been run on Rocket based RISC-V cores in the past. There may very well be other open source implementations or options available. We would be interested to see what you find!

For PCIe/GgE, these are available on the Freedom U500 VC707 FPGA Dev Kit. The Arty is a lower cost board and doesn’t have the high speed interfaces. Both version support everything else that you mention.