U500 Dev Kit Released

The Freedom U500 Dev Kit is now available for purchase! Looking forward to seeing what everybody does with it!

If you’re going to be at the 4th RISC-V workshop, we’ll be showing the U500 dev kit in the demo session tomorrow. The Microsemi E300 dev kit will be used in the tutorials on Wednesday.

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Hi! The link currently 404s – could it be https://dev.sifive.com/dev-kits/ instead?
In any case, congratulations on the launch, pretty exciting! :slight_smile:

Thanks Matt! Good catch…fixed the link now :slight_smile:

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It is very exciting to see eight core RISC-V SoC on fpga.
Big congratulations!.

I have Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA VC709 Connectivity Kit. I would like to use this board for prototyping.
Would you please guide me that how can I access the bitstream or project files.

Best regards.

Unfortunately, right now we only supply the bitstream for the VC707 board.

We are in the process of putting the source code for the FPGA into open source–once we do that then you could compile it yourself to your board. We will update here when that happens.

Any update on when the FPGA source code would be put into open source for ARTY and VC707? Thanks.

We had set a target of getting the source code out by the middle of October, but clearly we have not met that goal.
It has turned out to be a bit more challenging than we thought–we need to ensure the right legal frameworks are in place so that people can use the code freely and also feel comfortable providing commits and updates as they see fit.

At SiFive, we are fully committed to doing this ASAP. We appreciate your patience as we work through it and will continue to update everybody here.