FPGA Options [Beginner]

Apart from the Artix-7 based Dev Kits and the ~$3500 devkit
are their any other FPGA kits supported officially or unofficially?
I do have a DE-10 NANO on hand, and I think the FPGA has more memory than Atrix-7.
I am aware of the issues regarding the Memory Controller IP not being open, so just wanted to know what other options might be available.

Not at the moment.

I suspect someone experienced with FPGAs would not have too much trouble making things work on another board (certainly another Xilinx board, but probably others too), but I can’t imagine the frustration would be worth it for an FPGA beginner instead of just going out and getting a $99 Arty unless you have far more spare time than spare money.

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Any idea if the Arty Artix-7 board can run freedom u500 and boot into linux? Or any other IP that runs Linux…