NOT able to program FPGA

I write a simple hello word program in freedom sdk but when I am programming the FPGA I am getting the following things

# open_hw_manager
valid command name “open_hw_manager”
** while executing

** (file “C:\Freedom_2021\SiFive\Misc\flash_vcu118.tcl” line 1)**
INFO: [Common 17-206] Exiting Vivado at Wed Jul 7 15:49:26 2021…

Process finished (exit code=1) (time=00:00:05.784)

I am using vivado 2019.1 with VCU118 board and Freedom 2021.

plz tell me whats going worng here.

Hi Jagdish,

As was discussed in the support portal by one of my colleagues, this problem was due to an older version of Vivado.

The work around we proposed is to edit the C:\Freedom_2021\SiFive\Misc\flash_vcu118.tcl script and change “open_hw_manager” to “open_hw”.


Yeah got it Thank you