Master thesis related to RISC-V

Hello everyone, my name is Martin and I’m currently studying Ms. in Computer Science. Next year (2019) I have to start working on my master thesis, which is a work of 1 year long. My area of interest is Computer Organization (Architecture), and my secondary area of interest is Operating Systems, I’m very fond of hardware. (My bachelor degree is Electrical Engineering).

I am excited about this open source ISA called RISC-V. I wonder on what topic could I work for an entire one year thesis related to RISC-V? I’d like a topic where I’d have to get my hands dirty, for example, working with a RISC-V core on a FPGA with verilog and tuning the OS, for example.

I’m very opened to ideas or suggestions, which are highly appreciated.



Please check out our new FireFly board ( It is intended exactly for the kinds of applications you envision in an academic environment. We can send you a board to try out.

Atif Zafar.
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