Books: Solid Theoretical Foundation relevant to HiFive1

Is there a book that can be used in conjunction with the rev-b board to get a better understanding of development with the board as well as get a grip of the risc-v theory?

What experience do you already have with microcontrollers and assembly language programming?

As follows:

  1. I am a hobbyist PIC Micro programmer (PIC16 - PIC18 series) in PIC Assembly and C
  2. I have programmed Arduino in C and Processing on a hobbyist level
  3. I am a hobbyist programmer of Atmel Microcontrollers (8 - 32 bit) in C
  4. I have programmed ESP32 series Controllers in C

In general: code most frequently in Python and other high level languages though (BASH, PERL, Golang)
Regarding hardware: I have about 10 years experience as an electronics hobbyist and am comfortable fabricating and troubleshooting my own analogue and digital projects from component level upward.
I am a linux systems administrator so do have practical knowledge of operating system applications.

Maybe not specific to the HiFive1, but I would suggest RISC-V Assembly by Anthony J. Dos Reis

Thanks, this is helpful. I think I will write a book about my experiences with the HiFive. Clearly there is a market opportunity here :slight_smile:

I’m doing my senior design project with a HiFive1 board focusing on memory safety. I use Rust programming, PMP, user mode…

Are there any books you’re using that you can recommend?

As for

get a grip of the risc-v theory
probably this is the * de facto* reference available at the moment:

I have this one too, great reference for RISC-V but not specifically HiFive. Im using Rust programming not C, so my main sources may not apply to you. However, it would help you to look into SiFive’s repos on github. Repos like Freedom-Metal can give you a lot of direction on programming. Even using Rust, the repo helped me. Also search github for hifive in general and you should find more sources.

Reading through this one now.