I need some advice

(TovinoThomas) #1

I am thinking about creating a RISC-V processor, and I’ve read all the documentation that official describes the requirements for implementing this architecture. I am good with programming languages, and I have some experience with verilog and assembly. I have also built the beginnings of a custom CPU via a visual hardware simulator, logic.ly. I am a junior computer engineering student who will likely have a lot of time this summer. Is there any advice I should know before starting or while working on this project?
Nox VidMate

(Jim Wilson) #2

My main advice would be that you try asking elsewhere, as this forum has low readership. The #riscv IRC channel on freenode for instance is probably a better place to ask. You can find a list of existing cores at https://riscv.org/risc-v-cores/ if you want one to look at.