Latest workflow for Debian

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to run a Debian image on HiFive Unleashed. I want to get the latest workflow for building a debian image. I want to know where are the debian kernel sources hosted for this board. I have came across a few links:

But first one uses old git repository of Freedom-U-SDK and second one is NVIDIA demo image that is Debian based and also more than an year old.

Any pointer for latest Debian sources (with added support for Unleashed board) that can be built will be useful.

SiFive only directly supports OpenEmbedded via freedom-u-sdk. The Fedora group is maintaining images that can boot on the HiFive Unleashed. The Debian group is unfortunately not maintaining images for the HiFive Unleashed.

You can use old freedom-u-sdk images with Debian support, and then apt dist-upgrade or whatever to get to a more recent debian rootfs. Though this leaves you with old bootloader and kernel. You apparently already have info on how to do that.

If you want info on how to build your own system, I would suggest

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Try this instead. Stupid copy and paste editing error.


@jimw thanks for sharing such a useful resource!