Issue with SDK and targets

Whenever I open Freedom Studio, I always get a pop up saying An internal error occurred during: “Initialize SDKs”. bad input for FESDKOptions(). When I try to select targets for an SDK project, none are available to click on. Can someone help me? I am running on Ubuntu 18.04 on Virtualbox in Windows.

Hi Jonas,

That error happens when Freedom Studio runs make list-options in the freedom-e-sdk root folder. Can you go into the freedom-e-sdk root folder (located at /SiFive/freedom-e-sdk-(xxxx)) and manually run make list-options and report back with the error you are getting. The usual cause is some missing environment dependency.


I tried running make list-options and the terminal said the command 'maker’s was not found and I needed to install make or make-guile. I was unable to download those files. Is there a website to which I can go to download these dependencies?

Never mind, I figured out how to install make. I just needed to update my system and then install it.

Glad you got it working!

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