Freedom Studio on Ubuntu 18.04 launch problem

When I launch Freedom Studio a dialog box pops up that says:

‘Initialize SDKs’ has encountered a problem.
An internal error occurred during: 'Intialize SDKs".

when I click on the Details button it says:

An internal error occurred during: “Initialize SDKs”.
bad input for FESDKOptions()

Does anyone know how to fix this?
I can’t seem to create any new projects from the SiFive menu item:

“Create new Freedom E SDK Project”

Thanks for any help!

Can you please provide some more details?
Did you download the latest FreedomStudio from
Did you had any issues when intallng FreedomStudio?
Where did you install FreedomStudio ? location ?
Where did you point the workspace to?


No issues installing.

Installed into a folder in my documents folders. Used default workspace.

I noticed a makefile in the freedom-e-sdk-201906 folder and ran it. It gave me errors for not having all the build tools installed.

Reran the freedom studio and now the example projects were there to build!

For reference, the “bad input for FESDKOptions()” error message is generated when Freedom Studio runs the following command in the freedom-e-sdk folder:

make list-options

If you see this again, try running this in a shell and paste the output here.


I reinstalled Ubuntu 18.04.4 onto a new hd in my laptop.

I downloaded Freedom Studio from the link you provided…

I got the same error. “make list-options” fixed everything.