Is there a more complete system image for Unleashed board?

I got the board and connected to it with ssh but not sure where to go from here.

Is there a more complete system image that I can just download? with gcc or gas?
That will help me out a lot.

Thank you

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The boards use freedom-u-sdk, which uses buildroot, which is not a complete OS, and never will be.

There are various OS ports in progress. Fedora is the one that is farthest along, and is the one I like to use.
You can download a disk image, dd it onto the SDcard second partition, mount it, and chroot into it to get a full system.

There are also OpenSuSE, Debian, Gentoo, and FreeBSD ports. You are welcome to try those if you prefer. And there are maybe others I haven’t heard of yet.

If you wait a few weeks, someone will probably make available instructions for directly booting one of these on a Freedom Unleashed board. This requires that the OS developers get their board first, and figure out how to make it work, before they can produce boot media for it. So this will probably take a few weeks.


Cool, I will try out Fedora image first then.

Thank You