Is there a better guide than the getting started guide for the revb?

(Penguin) #1

Long story short, None of the instructions in the getting started guide seem to work for me. I would post specific problems and ask for help, but there are a ton of them. I’m on arch linux if that means anything.

I’ve tried using the IDE and building bare metal from the freedom sdk. I get issue after issue… Just wondering if there is a better getting started guide than the official one somewhere. Thanks


See some of the other posts here for intermittent fixes. My main issue on Arch was getting udev permissions right which is described in this post.

I’ve also had trouble with the Studio not debugging/running things right which it seems some other people fixed, but I never confirmed (didn’t wanna use the studio anyhow).

The SDK worked ok for me but I found their organization confusing and metal seems overkill to follow. I wanted to learn using Rust.

I’m planning on writing a short blog about how to get the rev B working with Rust and minimal toolchain setup soon.