HiFive1 Rev B Getting Started updated

There is a new version of the getting started document that more closely matches the shipped product

This is now also linked from the HiFive1 RevB web page, so new users should find it automatically.

As a new user, having what seems like endless trouble getting started, I thought I’d propose a couple amendments to the new version of the getting started guide.

Firstly, discourage the use of VmWare Fusion. I think it is the root cause of most of my early heartache.

In section 6.1 it seems like this is incorrect: “The Freedom Studio development download bundles debugger software such that there is no need to configure the software separately. If Freedom Studio detects that J-Link OB software is installed it will attempt to use this install otherwise it will use the bundled software. If you’re using Freedom Studio you can skip this section.”

In Ubuntu 18.04.2 I had several errors in Freedom Studio until I copied the contents of 99-jlink.rules file (from the jlink subdirectory) into the file created in /etc/udev/rules.d (section 6.2.1. says to add a SUBSYSTEM line to the file but if you only install Freedom Studio the file doesn’t exist beforehand).

In section 6.2 this is confusing: “After configuring the J-Link OB Debugger and connecting the HiFive1 Rev B to the host machine with a USB Type A Male to Micro-B Male cable, the HiFive1 Rev B console can be accessed from the host machine.”

When using Freedom Studio there is no configuration of the J-Link OB Debugger beforehand.

In section 6.2.1 it would be nice to remind the reader that they may need to install screen on Ubuntu.

In section 6.4 it would be nice to have a file available to drag and drop. At this point nothing has been compiled. Putting some .hex files somewhere for download (for the HiFive1b) would be nice - and help with troubleshooting later on.

Section 7.2 kicks the user out to the Freedom Studio documentation. The current version could use a revision to help new users get to grips with the environment better.
This section should at least note that the device name for the HiFive1b is FE310: Freedom Studio asks for it at the, undocumented, end of creating your first project.
Also, it should note that the guided project does not work.

Section 7.3.6, I think that when I build with the software option I still get a debug version. I’ll have to double check that one…

Also, section 7.3.6 doesn’t say if there is a way to interactively debug from the command line. I can’t get it to work in Freedom Studio so I’m hoping there is another way.

I hope this helps a little.