Newbie Friendly Linux Getting Started for HiFive1

Is there a newbie friendly getting started for the HiFive1 (I have the HiFive A01)? It seems the existing getting started guide PDF is not much help. I just recently learned I should use the Freedom Studio – I got that loaded.

How do I run a program that will control my HiFive1’s blinker light from Freedom Studio? Perhaps we can flesh out the steps here.

If you go to the SiFive Tools menu within Freedom Studio, select “create a new Freedom E SDK Software Project”. Use the [bundled] Freedom E SDK and then select sifive-hifive1-revb as the target. Many software examples will blink the LEDs, like local-interrupt. Finish the steps in the wizard, then the project will compile and a debug launch configuration will come up automatically.

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I happen to be using the HiFive1 A01 and not the HiFive B, so I chose that option instead and I ran “sifive-welcome.c” from the pull down list. After a window pops up, I selected the “Debug” button and I see a error popup:

Screenshot at 2020-11-13 08-49-05

Any idea why this could be happening?

I managed to get rid of this error by removing an extra instance of OpenOCD from my $PATH. I did not realize FreedomStudio is packaged with it already.

For the first time using, did you install driver to communicate with your boards.
As your error said: “…the PROG button was not pressed…” try to press PROG button before download your binary.