How to start development from the E-SDK "Hello" or "Welcome" example?

Hi all,

As I have a new board, how can I start my first development from E-SDK? such as for example src in “Hello” or “Welcome”. I don’t find the detailed WiKi Docs, an only introduction which I can’t understand how the example works.

My development system is the macOS with FreedomStudio installed only.
And I have completed reading “0.hifive1b-getting-started-guide_v1.1.pdf” and “1.freedom-studio-manual-4.7.2-2020-11-0.pdf”. However, I still feel confused.

So I need help that can make me started and teach me how to debug and let the example project working.

Pls, don’t mind that I am a freshman. I would like to learn from all of your guys. Thanks for all your help.


If you are using Freedom Studio then navigate to the SiFive Tools menu and select Create a Freedom E SDK Project. Select your target, software example, and the type of debug connector you have. This will generate and compile your software project and then launch a debug connection dialogue box automatically. You should be able to press ‘Debug’ to connect and begin your debug session.

What board are you using? As for the debugger hardware, Freedom Studio IDE bundles support for Segger J-Link and Olimex/OpenOCD.


Hi David, I use SiFive1 RevB. Thanks for your guideline. It’s working. :handshake: